Just picked up my airplane after being in the paint shop. My wife and I could not have been happier the day we arrived back at KRUQ near Charlotte, NC and saw our airplane transformed from bare aluminum and grey primered fiberglass into a work of art. We were thrilled and almost speechless. We knew we had made the right choice when we left it and this was the confirmation. The paint scheme and paint were perfect! My fiberglass mistakes and imperfections were corrected. All the hardware was replaced with stainless steel and all the exposed aluminum pieces were polished! Knowing I am a builder, Bill Lucey, owner of BOSS Aircraft Refinishers, knew how particular I would be about reassembling my airplane. He had his team assist me in getting it back together. I even learned a few tricks from the professionals! They made sure I was happy and had everything I needed to get it ready for the flight home back to KPHF. From start to finish they made me comfortable and ensured I was the “boss” and was getting exactly what I wanted. My dream of building and flying my airplane reached its pinnacle thanks to the team at BOSS Aircraft Refinishers. –Kent Stitt, Newport News, VA

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