Aircraft Refinishing

Inspect Aircraft | Prepare for Paint Strip | Strip Paint | Prepare Aircraft for Paint | Prime | Body Work | Base Coat Application | Scheme Layout and Application | Reassembly | Final Detail

Inspect Aircraft

Extensively photograph aircraft
Check lighting operation
Note dings, dents, corrosion, missing rivets, etc.
Flight controls for damage
Windshield and window condition
Door seals and door operation
Condition of fiberglass and plastic
Propeller condition
Fuel and oil leaks
Antennae condition
Wing and horizontal stabilizer root seals

Prepare for Paint Strip

Protect windows with 4 layers alternating paper and heavy duty foil and 3M™ foil tape
Cover interior with plastic
Seal flight control gaps, skin laps, doors and gas caps with 3M™ foil tape
Cover all fiberglass, plastic, antennae, deicing boots, vents, landing gear and propeller(s) to prevent stripper contact

Strip Paint

Apply HybridAero HYBRID-STRIP, Boeing & Lockheed Martin approved environmentally friendly stripper (BOSS never uses hazardous methylene chloride)
Pressure wash aircraft to remove stripper
Remove all protective masking layers from windows and deice boots
Final rinse entire aircraft

Prepare Aircraft for Paint

Remask windows, propeller(s) and deice boots to protect them
Remove all flight controls and flaps
Inspect aircraft for damage hidden by old paint
Lightly sand paint residue and corrosion from entire aircraft skin between rivet rows
Use Norton Beartex™ abrasive wheels on all universal head rivets to prevent damage
Degrease and wash aircraft
Acid etch aircraft to promote finish adhesion
Passivate aircraft with Alu-Gold conversion coating to aluminum surfaces (Mag-Coat on magnesium surfaces) to provide a corrosion resistant layer
Rinse entire aircraft and remove all protective masking layers


Remask windows, propeller(s) and deice boots to protect them
Apply Sherwin Williams™ corrosion resistant epoxy primer

Body Work

Fill dents on non-control surfaces
Fix cracks in fiberglass fill and feather smooth if feasible*
Apply one or more coats of high-build primer if necessary
Lightly sand entire airplane
Reprime areas as needed

Base Coat Application

Wipe down entire airplane with solvent to remove contamination
Wipe down entire airplane with tack rags to remove dust
Apply 3 coats of PPG Aerospace single-stage polyurethane
Allow finish to cure slowly to ensure the wet look

Scheme Layout and Application

Meticulously lay out scheme desired by customer
Invite customer in to be part of the process
Or send photographs to customer for approval before applying color


Rebalance Flight Controls to manufacturers’ specifications by FAA Certified Mechanics
Reassemble flight controls and flaps

Final Detail

Apply Flamemaster™ Chemseal around windows
Apply Randolph™ Abrasive Wing Walk Compound where required
Thoroughly clean deice boots to ensure sealant adhesion
Apply Goodrich conductive edge sealer to deice boot edges
Apply aircraft placards
Perform landing gear retraction test on retractable geared aircraft
Wash and detail aircraft