Wow! I have been repeating that word over and over since picking up the airplane! I flew in a 50 year-old truck of an airplane and picked up a brand new, showroom quality gem of a sports car! My 1962 Cessna 180 looked every bit of its age when I dropped her off — dents, scratches, a lot of surface corrosion, bumps, and bruises. When I picked her up, my jaw dropped to the ground! What a beauty! Not only did you fix the dents, scratches and corrosion to “good as new,” you added a lot of detail to the plane to improve its look — the new silcone seals around the windows, polishing the pitot tubes and static ports. Just amazing! The only way I could truly identify that it was my airplane was by opening the doors and smelling the ’62 seats!

Your team’s attention to detail is what truly topped off this experience. I didn’t want to get my expectations up considering the condition of the plane I was dropping off just 6 weeks ago. Your reputation had been first class when I hunted you down and reserved a date for the job. You truly exceeded my expectations, though. By keeping me posted every step of the way, it seemed as though mine was the only plane you were working on. As I continue to look closer and closer at the airplane, I’m extremely thankful for the great job you did!

Since flying the airplane back home, the plane continues to receive a lot of attention. Before the paint job, I don’t remember getting noticed much — now that’s all changed! You may want to warn your future customers to expect the extra attention! Wow! Thanks again for a great experience and a great paint job! –Mark Hession, Lakeland, TN

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