I wanted to take a few moments to relay my deepest appreciation for a fine job done on my plane, 231EB, a 1979 Turbo Mooney. With the OEM, 1979, paint still in place clearly it was time to repaint this marvelous machine.

Having never engaged a company to repaint my plane, this was a new experience for me. I knew there was nothing catastrophically wrong with the plane that the paint may be hiding but I could not be 100% sure there was nothing wrong … Indeed, nothing catastrophic but several little to medium things surfaced. This is the impressive part. Not only did you do a great job with laying up the design from Scheme Designers, but you outdid yourself with ID’ing and fixing all the things that surfaced when you “stripped her down.” In the end, I walked with a beautiful plane and one that was much tighter than when I arrived. These unforeseen fixes and improvements sat well with me because there is not a day that goes by where I am not obsessing over the plane and to know the bird is better off regarding items I would never have seen is truly peace of mind. So, thank you for you and your team going the extra mile.
Finally, I REALLY appreciated the time and detail you put into my plane. The “status” pictures and emails you sent diminished the 500 miles between your shop and where I live. It was great to see the progress.

I really appreciated you sourcing all the material you did and at best price and you even sent me off with extra paint and decals in the mail, post departure; which could have easily slipped through the cracks.

There was a lot to do and you truly needed the time to do a great job. Finally, the plane performed perfectly when flown home – all systems were go. And to most, the important part … (drum roll) … on budget! Given what was done, the value was tremendous and certainly appreciated by yours truly.

Great job, Bill, and know I am getting a lot of “ramp compliments!” –Rob Baldwin

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