I would like to offer my highest praise to Bill Lucey and his staff at BOSS Aircraft Refinishers. After three years of gratifying labor my kit-built Van’s RV12 was deemed airworthy and ready for its final look. My baby was not to be trusted to just any paint shop. I was looking for professionals with the style of artisans and the precision of engineers. I found this rare combination of skills in BOSS Aircraft Refinishers.

My experience with BOSS Aircraft Refinishers was professional from the start. Upon arriving at KRUQ Bill and his staff were prepared and organized. Bill appeared with clipboard in-hand and performed a thorough visual inspection of the aircraft, recording my comments and offering valuable recommendations during the process. After returning home the lines of communication remained open. Any issues that needed to be addressed were fully documented in emails and photos. Options were discussed and my input was considered in all of these decisions.

When I returned to KRUQ I was astonished by the results. N83EE was magnificent…not a detail was overlooked. The finish was impeccable and the fiberglass work was Ferrari quality! I chose to reassemble the aircraft myself. Bill’s staff was helpful and welcoming with a definite “can do” attitude. I was accepted in his shop as one of the crew…an experience that I will never forget. At BOSS Aircraft Refinishers I truly was the boss and a very satisfied one at that! –Bob Ross, Charlottesville, VA

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